MotionPlus is an ACC accredited osteopathic provider. At MotionPlus we focus on how we can help reduce your pain through treatment techniques that release stiff muscles, restricted joints and tight fascia structures. In turn this gets you back to what you love doing, with less pain and more confidence in your ability. These techniques have been implemented into the sporting community, the weekend warrior,  the desk bound office workers and the tradesmen.  Our mission is to provide treatment and education to decrease your pain and increase your wellness.  


MICHAEL GILLUM- CrossFit Games Athete

I have been treated by Craig for almost 18months now. Previously I had tried physio, chiro, and massage, unfortunately I was not getting the results I needed to support my training. I regularly got injured, and struggled to keep my body in good condition.  I compete in CrossFit at somewhat of a high level, which means I train 3+ hours per day, five to six days per week. I have found since working with Craig and receiving regular treatment, I can now push my body beyond what I previously could. I have less ‘niggles’ and my recovery is much, much quicker.

Michael Gillum

BAILEY ROGERS - New Zealand Commonwealth games Weightlifting Athlete & CrossFit Games Athlete

I have been lucky enough to have been treated by Craig for the past year or so. His approach to treatment makes me feel like he really understands the workings of the body and and is thinking about the best way to treat the underlying factor, and what may be causing it, rather than just treat the issue itself. My treatments with Craig have helped me to maintain and continue to maintain health and perform to the best of my abilities during these really important years of my athletic career. Craig is always professional and I always get off the table knowing my body is better off for seeing him.

Bailey Rogers



BRANISLAV BELOSEVIC - Professional Photographer

As a professional photographer for 12 years I never noticed until recently how hours of standing and long hours that I spent in front of computer can throw my body out of the balance. Pain in my neck, lower back and rounded shoulders were my issues. Thats why after every wedding or long event photoshoot I make sure that I have appointment booked at Motion Plus Clinic.

Branislav Belosevic